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The Institute of Leadership & Management - Daily Webinar Series
Domain: D1 Working with others

The Institute of Leadership & Management: Covid-19 support

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the way we all work. While many of us are self-isolating or working from home The Institute of Leadership & Management would like to help you use your time wisely and provide critical business support.

Join us on our Free daily webinar series

We are delivering a series of free, daily webinars to enable you to continue to develop your leadership capability – wherever you are – to lead your business or team through this unprecedented time. Each webinar is built on one of the 49 components of great leadership that we, at The Institute, have identified but relates to the way of working we now found ourselves in.

Every webinar is FREE to join and lasts only 30 minutes, and if you miss a webinar you can watch the recording here.

Access to the resources of our multi award-winning e-learning tool MyLeadership

After each webinar, you will have access to our expertly curated library of resources to develop your learning further; to access the latest cutting-edge thought leadership on each component and even test your knowledge by taking the relevant component scorecard (a short set of online questions).

Meet the standard and you will receive a digital e-badge to recognise your capability and take with you on your leadership journey, on the other side of Covid-19.


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