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Research with Impact and Its Commercialisation - 'Transistors, Mini Skirts and Global Warming'
Domain: D3 Engagement and impact

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The issue of Impact is Rising steadily in the consciousness of Researchers, PIs and University Management. The UK has become the World Leader in 'Impact studies' (there are over 270 listed on the RCUK web-site), but few people feel confident writing about impact. We know what impact can be once we've achieved it, but what can we say about it in advance of a research project?

The University Graduate College is pleased to welcome Dr Kevin Parker who has been working in the field of knowledge transfer and researcher development for 20 years, during which time he has helped over 250 nascent projects and helped them articulate their impact. In this talk, he shares the key intellectual tools he uses when assessing impact, and points out the wide variety of opportunities to achieve impact in the complex world of the 21st century.

This talk will be of interest to anyone:
currently grappling with, or contemplating, the 'Impact Section' of a research proposal
anyone at the early stages of a knowledge transfer or commercialisation project
anyone about to start a job-search or who would like to become more 'employable'

Some key messages include:
• Impact is not just about knowledge transfer/commercialisation
• Impact is not only applicable to science and technology disciplines

You'll also learn the answers to these questions:

Which sector of UK industry produces the most carbon dioxide emissions?
What technology from Star Trek could save the EU €1bn a year?
Which rare element, only mined in China, is becoming crucial to the wind power industry?
What acreage of biomass crops is required to fill one Jumbo Jet?
What, rather unexpectedly, correlates with linguistic diversity?
How much money will it cost to double the proportion of electricity made from renewables? and why are conventional financial methods not going to help us do that?
How can you increase the productivity of computer programmers by 250%?
What can peas and beans do for free that costs us billions?
Which thermodynamically feasible chemical reaction, if invented today, would make you very rich very quickly?