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Presenting Research Orally
Domain: D2 Communication and dissemination

I am really sorry but the forthcoming Presenting Research Orally session have had to be cancelled due to circumstances outside of our control (the consultant we use has changed jobs and is unable to honour the commitment). We will not be running this workshop again as we already run the well received 'Introduction to Presentation Skills' throughout the year. Although this is largely theoretical in nature, giving hints and tips on how to prepare and give an effective presentation, we also run fortnightly practice sessions for students to be able to rehearse a pre-prepared presentation and get feedback from an experienced facilitator.

The dates of the next Introduction to Presentation Skills workshops are 3 February, 27 March (at Heath Park) and 28 April. We may add an extra date later in the year to compensate for losing Presenting Research Orally, so check the website regularly. Can I therefore suggest that you book at place on one of these workshops as a worthy alternative? We also run a Presentation Club fortnightly

We also have a two hour online course on Presentation Skills and an online DVD called 'Good Presentation Skills'


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Friday, 14 March