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Assessment & Feedback in the Humanities & Social Sciences
Domain: D3 Engagement and impact

Format of Workshop: Information and Discussion/Practical
Suitable for: All

This workshop is for tutors who will be engaged in assessing and giving feedback to students in their School. The overall aim of the workshop is to familiarise participants with the general principles relating to assessment and giving feedback.
Topics covered include:
* the purposes of assessment
* key issues in designing assessment
* consider inclusive practices in assessment
* how we judge standard (using assessment criteria)
* using assessment criteria to make academic judgements
* the principles and practice of giving constructive feedback
By the end of the workshop, you should be able to:
* explain the purposes and practice of criteria referenced assessment
* undertake the design and use of assessment criteria rubrics
* produce constructive feedback for learners

There will be an opportunity to mark different kinds of student work and writing feedback that focuses on student learning.

Note: Some sessions are reserved for those nominated by their School, while others are open to those wishing to attend as part of their general skills development.