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Interviews and Interviewing in Social Science Research - Webinar
Domain: A1 Knowledge base

TACE: A - Acquisition

Due to Covid-19 Interviews and Interviewing in Social Science Research will run as a webinar.

This is shortened version of a regular and popular Doctoral Academy workshop. It will focus on the practical aspects of using interviews in social science research, including some attention to interviewing online. We will look at types of research interview, devising questions, checklists or prompt sheets, recording data and typical steps in coding/analysis, as well as more complex and thorny matters such as the relational, interpersonal and logistic side of conducting interviews. We will consider the sorts of research questions best addressed by interviews, and different rationales for the selection/invitation of participants.

By participating in this online workshop, you will:
* develop a good overview of the nature, strengths and limitations of interviews in social science research
* appreciate a range of practical dimensions of interviewing in social science research
* know where to find further advice in the methodological literature

It is highly recommended that before this session you view a more generic session on research methods/methodology, freely available on You Tube. This is entitled How to Get Clear about Method, Methodology, Epistemology and Ontology, Once And For All and it was recorded in Cardiff City Hall at a UK ESRC Doctoral Student Conference a few years ago. It lasts about 35 minutes. You can find it at or alternatively at
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Prof David James

14/07/2020 (Tuesday) / 14:00 - 15:30 / Webinar via Blackboard Collaborate
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