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Statistics for Beginners
Domain: A1 Knowledge base

TACE: A - Acquisition

Format: IT/Experiential
Suitable for: All

This three-day course contains a brief introduction to quantitative methods. No previous experience in statistics is required for this course but, by the end of it, you should be able to use the statistical techniques and report on significant findings in a meaningful and clear way. The following topics will be covered:

* introduction to quantitative analysis
* questionnaire design
* summary statistics
* frequencies and graphics
* cross-tabulation
* hypothesis testing
* parametric tests
* non-parametric tests
* linear regression
* multivariate regression

The course aims to be a mixture of taught material, practical examples and exercises. During the course, you will be taught how to use SPSS to run the statistical analyses, though you may wish to attend other SPSS workshops beforehand in order to gain a basic grasp of the application.

Additional coaching opportunities are available via weekly data clinics.

More information on this subject may be available on the range of online learning resources such as Linkedin Learning