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ARC: An Introduction to Linux with Command Line (& Windows 101)
Domain: A1 Knowledge base

TACE: A - Acquisition

Format: Workshop
Suitable for: All

Linux, and in particular the use of the command-line, has always been a training need when users have come from a Windows background in order to use Cardiff University’s Supercomputer (Hawk). This practical course will concentrate on the use of techniques to improve researchers’ understanding of the command line, use of common editing tools, and will answer any queries users may have in using the Linux interface.
This course will also include how to interact with 'Hawk' from a Windows environment. This will include getting the best out of PuTTy, how to use WinSCP to copy files to and from Hawk and how to bring graphical interfaces back from the supercomputer using Xming. Whilst this course is tailored to help users quickly and easily run jobs on the supercomputer, many of these Linux commands are useful for general Linux systems.