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Multimodal Qualitative Research
Domain: A1 Knowledge base

Cardiff University’s School of Social Sciences has been a centre of expertise in digital and qualitative methodology for many years, as evidenced in its earlier hosting of QUALITI, part of the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods. This two-day workshop will support researchers wishing to produce diverse kinds of data in their fieldwork: field notes, sound recordings (of interviews, conversations or naturally occurring events), photographs (created by participants and/or researchers themselves), video images, drawings, digital text, etc. We will explore techniques for the collection and analysis of multiple modes of qualitative research data, and ask: How can we make informed choice between various modes and media? How can various modes be meaningfully combined in research practice? Primarily based on the combined use of textual, visual and audio field data, the workshop will give participants the opportunity to experiment with collecting and analysing different kinds of qualitative data and to consider how they might be combined, both practically and theoretically. This workshop is aimed at ESRC-funded research students but others are welcome to attend, space permitting.

This is a multi part workshop comprising of 2 parts