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Exploratory Data Analysis
Domain: A2 Cognitive abilities

TACE: A - Acquisition

Format: Workshop, IT
Suitable for: All

There is a pressing need for techniques to help us understand highly multivariate data with large numbers of cases and/or a variety of data types. This training introduces Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) – a framework for seeking hypotheses which complements conventional statistical testing (Confirmatory Data Analysis) – and provides an opportunity to try out EDA techniques. Data visualization – a key component of EDA - shows us a ‘big picture’ of a dataset to discover its internal structure, and in the words of John Tukey ‘forces us to notice what we never expected to see’.
On completing the course, you will:
* be aware of the EDA framework as complementary to confirmatory analysis
* have an understanding of how data visualization tools can help us interpret a variety of data sets
* have experience of newer techniques for depicting data sets with multiple variables and/or large numbers of cases to find relationships, clusters and outliers

Also available via Linkedin Learning