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Webinar: University of East Anglia Online Training Series for PGRs
Domain: A2 Cognitive abilities

TACE: Various, see individual session

Due to Covid-19 we have secured repeats of three of the most popular topics exclusively for the Cardiff University PGR community:
* Writing & Structuring an Effective Thesis - Webinar
* Writing Effectively - Webinar
* What Should a Literature Review Do? - Webinar

Format: Online
Suitable: All

A regular weekly programme of live evening webinars for research, writing and teaching skills, hosted by University of East Anglia, is included in our 2019-20 events programme. Five modules will run over the year: Academic Writing, Qualitative Research Skills, Finishing your PhD, Teaching Skills and Qualitative Research Skills. Each will include several 2-hour interactive webinars, led by Dr Simon Watts.

The webinars will be ideal for students with commitments which make attendance at daytime sessions difficult, or who are based remotely, though all are welcome. As the sessions are open across several participating Universities and places are first come first served, we recommend early booking.

When booking via our website, you’ll be directed to the UEA booking portal so please read the instructions. You’ll need to download the Electa webinar software, as directed, before you join a live session. You can do this on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Academic Writing - Academic Publishing
Academic Writing - What Should a Literature Review Do?
Academic Writing - Writing and Structuring an Effective Thesis
Academic Writing - Writing Effectively

Finishing Your PhD - On the Job: Securing a First Academic Post
Finishing Your PhD - Preparing for Your Viva
Finishing your PhD - Preparing Impactful Research Proposals and Grant Applications

Qualitative Research Skills - A Comparison of Qualitative Methods
Qualitative Research Skills - Analysing Qualitative Data
Qualitative Research Skills - Qualitative Interviewing

Quantitative Research Skills - Quantitative Research : A Basic Guide
Quantitative Research Skills - Introduction to Scale Development
Quantitative Research Skills - Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling

Teaching Skills - Assessment, Feedback and Module Design
Teaching Skills - Preparing and Delivering Lectures
Teaching Skills - Preparing and Delivering Seminars

Tuesday, 17 September, 07:00 - Bookings open for sessions between Tuesday, 8 October and Tuesday 21 January
Tuesday, 29 October, 07:00 – Bookings open for sessions between Tuesday, 28 January and Tuesday, 26 May

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