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Examination and the Viva (Sciences)
Domain: D2 Communication and dissemination

Format of workshop: Information and Discussion/Practical
Suitable for: Late stage researchers

The workshop will discuss preparing for and participating in the PhD viva voce oral examination. It is aimed primarily at Biosciences students but should also be suitable for those being examined in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences. The nature of the oral examination and roles of the examiners will be discussed. Different models for the thesis structure and oral examination will be illustrated. The workshop will:
* illustrate how you can best prepare your PhD thesis and approach the viva
* describe the roles of the PhD examiners and the standards they are assessing in the thesis and oral examination
* overview the Cardiff University regulations for award of a PhD
Note: It is recommended you attend the PhD ‘Mock Viva’ event as well as this workshop.

Further information about thesis preparation and the viva can be found here.

The different outcomes of a PhD/MD viva can be found in the Academic Regulations handbook.