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Researcher Development Framework Online Planner Briefing
Domain: C2 Research management

The RDF Online Professional Planner allows you to audit your current skills and plan your skills development and training activities using a structured online system with unlimited storage and built in reporting formats. This workshop is for those first year students who missed the Starting Out Induction as well as later year students who want to know the benefits of the online planner and how to access and use it.


There have been some important new developments at the University in the way that skills development planning is monitored. The University’s code of practice has always required PhD students to review their skills and formulate a personal development plan (PDP) at six month intervals. However, with the introduction of online progress monitoring via SIMS, the PDP must be uploaded. The RDF Professional Planner is now available as a means for doctoral researchers to conduct their needs assessment and create a action plans.

The RDF Professional Planner will enable you to:

- Identify your current expertise and capabilities
- Keep a record of all your professional development activities in one place
- Record your learning and development goals and monitor your progress
- Upload files such as CVs, conference papers, testimonials to record your achievements

Importantly, the system enables you to export a number of different reports, which can be used as inputs to your SIMS progress monitoring account. This session provides a briefing on how to use the Planner and how to gain access to it.

Please note if you have already attended a 'Starting Out' event with the University Graduate College, you would have already been presented the RDF Planner information that is covered in this workshop.