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Connected Researcher: Networking and Collaborating with Social Media, The
Domain: D2 Communication and dissemination

Domain D : Engagement, Influence and Impact
- Engagement and Impact

Do you want to discover how to build an effective and supportive online network? This session will give an overview of social media tools, and highlight their potential to enable networking and collaboration for researchers. Topics covered will include:

* a case study of a ‘connected researcher’, illustrating how Social Media can be used effectively

* particular benefits of Web 2.0 for researchers

* building an online network

* blogging and microblogging

* using social bookmarking and social citation

* keeping up to date with RSS feeds

*** Workshop Evaluation Quotes 2010/2011 ***

"Good workshop to stay connected"

"Great introduction to an overwhelming assortment of tools"

"Really worth doing if you want to know more about how to utilise the online tools and create an online presence"

"Excellent opportunity to learn about modern networking within academia"

"How social network tools can be applied to all aspects of PhD research"