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Library Catalogues; Electronic Journals; Dissertations and Theses (Humanities)
Domain: A1 Knowledge base

TACE: T - Transition

Format: Information and Practical
Suitable for: Early

As a new researcher you will be keen to explore your chosen topic in depth yet may feel unsure which of the many resources now available will be useful to you and how best to use them. This workshop will introduce you to a wide range of resources appropriate for research in the humanities. The session will cover: LibrarySearch, online catalogues, electronic journals, newspapers, theses/dissertations, and searching techniques. By the end of the session, you will be able to:

* construct logical and effective searches in a range of sources
* save the information from your results
* identify books, theses and other materials held in libraries outside Cardiff
* access materials found in searches, including through interlibrary loan