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Practical Project Management for Your Research
Domain: C2 Research management

TACE: T - Transition

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, all face to face training at the Doctoral Academy has been postponed for the foreseeable future.

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Format: Workshop
Suitable for: Early/Middle

Project management techniques are vital to the successful delivery of research projects. This workshop will allow you to understand the key principles of project management and develop a comprehensive plan for your research. The plan will include contingency, risk management, stakeholder activities and reporting requirements, as well as the technical and project management activities needed for successful delivery of the project. You will leave with both the plan, and the ability to understand how to continue to manage your research project effectively. During this workshop, you will have:

* a comprehensive first draft plan for the remainder of the research
* an initial risk assessment for the project
* a first draft stakeholder management assessment for the project
* a reporting template for the project and the requirements of the university
* a series of project management templates that can be adapted for individual use

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