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Staying Safe When Doing Field Research
Domain: C1 Professional conduct

TACE: T - Transition
Format: Workshop
Suitable for: All

In 2008 an ESRC-funded inquiry into researcher risk demonstrated that contrary to their expectations many researchers find that their own emotional, and to a lesser extent, physical safety is not properly considered (by themselves or by others) in the planning and design of their studies. This often takes researchers by surprise and many have expressed the wish that they had taken their own safety (particularly with regard to emotional risk) more seriously at the outset. Failure to do so can result in unanticipated suffering which can impact on individuals, on their family lives and relationships, and on their future research. This workshop will facilitate the consideration of researcher risk. It will encourage you to think about emotional and physical risk in relation to your own work raising both personal and institutional obligations and practical considerations and solutions. Note: This workshop is for those planning to undertake qualitative research (e.g. interviews and observations) in the future. It is not suitable for those who have already completed their research or for those who are planning to use other research methods. The workshop will involve talking with other students and sharing experiences/concerns/ideas.