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The Third Year: End is in Sight
Domain: B2 Self-management

TACE: C - Completion

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, all face to face training at the Doctoral Academy has been postponed for the foreseeable future.

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Format: Workshop
Suitable for: Late

This one-day programme, designed by Vitae, is aimed at researchers in the final year of their PhD. The programme focuses on completing the PhD and planning how to be successful in your job searching. Learning objectives:

* to understand what is required to successfully complete your PhD
* to appreciate that the skills required to complete a PhD are valuable in many employment areas
* to build confidence in your ability to communicate your research and the skills you have used and developed to an employer
* to recognise that in order to get a job after completion of your doctorate there are things you have to do now

The Second Year: Making Effective Progress is available in the middle stage of research.

Additional services are available to support your career journey

More information on this subject may be available on the range of online learning resources such as Linkedin Learning