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Improving your Interaction Others
Domain: B2 Self-management

TACE: C - Completion

Format: Workshop
Suitable for: All

This workshop will provide you with communication techniques to help you to manage and improve your relationships with others, balance your needs and wants with others’ needs via the use of assertiveness skills, therefore enabling you to feel competent and effective in your roles. Undertaking a PhD can affect the balance in our lives, our relationships and our confidence. Managing a number of responsibilities, including your PhD, work, family, social life and your own personal health and wellbeing, can be stressful and challenging. Interpersonal Effectiveness refers to the skills and communication techniques which help us to maintain and improve relationships, balance our priorities versus demands and build a sense of confidence, competency and self-respect. The aim of this workshop is to consider some techniques to help you to:
* take care of your relationships – maintaining or improving relationships
* balance your needs and wants with other’s needs/things that you ought to do, via the use of assertiveness skills
* build mastery and self-respect – interacting in a way which helps you to feel competent and effective in your roles

* Various Student and Staff Wellbeing

01/07/2019 (Monday) / 09:30 - 11:30 / Seminar Room B (DA 5.11), 5th Floor, Friary House
available after 01/05/2019