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Postgraduate Peer Support
Domain: B2 Self-management

Postgraduate students trained in basic wellbeing techniques are available to support you with finding the right balance in your study and research.

The postgraduate peer support group is intended to provide a safe space to talk to our student facilitators, and others attending the group, who can understand the kind of challenges unique to the postgraduate experience and who can provide a listening ear.

The key aims of the group are:
•to offer postgraduates a space to talk with other postgraduates about how they are feeling
•to offer a safe space to talk about ways of coping with the challenges of postgraduate life
•to offer a non-judgemental, listening ear
•to offer signposting information to postgraduates who may benefit from seeing staff at Student Support Services
•to offer brief health and wellbeing advice based on resources that are provided.

Please book a place at the group via the Eventbrite links below. You will automatically receive a reminder 48 hours before the group takes place.

Please note that we request you sign up to the group only so that we are aware of how many people will be in attendance. Any personal details are kept securely and confidentially within Student Support and never shared with any third parties.

Wednesday 18 April from 15.00
Wednesday 25 April (cancelled) from 14:00
Tuesday 22 May from 14.00
Wednesday 13 June from 10.30
Tuesday 17 July from 10.30
Thursday 16 August from 10.30
Tuesday 18 September from 10.30
Tuesday 23 October from 10.30
Thursday 22 November from 10.30

* Postgraduate Peer Support Group

18/09/2018 (Tuesday) / 10:30 - 12:00 / Book Via eventbrite link in main text
available after 19/09/2018
23/10/2018 (Tuesday) / 10:30 - 12:00 / Book Via eventbrite link in main text
available after 24/10/2018
22/11/2018 (Thursday) / 10:30 - 12:00 / Book Via eventbrite link in main text
available after 23/11/2018