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PhD Survival: Stress and Mental Health (Online)
Domain: B2 Self-management

Doing a PhD is meant to be challenging and it is not uncommon for doctoral students to feel overwhelmed by the task at times. There are times when students may find that their work - and their lives - are compromised by feelings of loneliness, inadequacy or anxiety. It is important to talk about these issues and not to bottle them up and struggle alone. Through drama scenes and interviews with doctoral candidates, supervisors and counsellors, ‘The PhD Survival Video’ discusses how the stress and pressure of a PhD can be made manageable and offers practical advice for dealing with common problems and surviving, including:
* self-help strategies for doctoral students such as stress control
* what they should and should not expect from supervisors when they are struggling
* the support they should find in their institutions to help them get through
It should be noted that all students have access to the excellent Counselling, Health & Wellbeing Centre at Cardiff University.


This is an online-only course