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Effective Researcher: Effective Progress - The Second Year
Domain: B2 Self-management

TACE: A - Acquisition

Format: Workshop
Suitable for: Middle

This workshop will help you navigate this potentially extremely challenging middle part of your doctorate. It is an opportunity to review what you have done to date and how that relates to what you need to achieve overall. Specifically, the workshop offers you a chance to review and contextualise your progress, to focus on relatively detailed critical success factors and management of your own independent research process; to address details of the requirements of a doctorate: the (hypo)thesis, the thesis structure, and the assessment criteria, including how they will be examined; and to action plan accordingly.

The session will enable you to:

* be aware of critical success factors for the middle phase of a doctorate and to consider how you might develop and implement some of these
* begin to define and refine both your research (hypo)thesis and your thesis structure
* understand the assessment criteria and examination process so that you can work towards meeting these
* analyse how you are currently managing your doctoral process and to consider strategies for doing so more effectively
* develop a short to mid-term action plan on this basis.