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SPSS: An Introduction
Domain: A2 Cognitive abilities

TACE: A - Acquisition

Format: IT
Suitable for: All

The aim of this session is to teach the student how to use the basic functions of SPSS so that they feel comfortable performing the basic steps to enter and prepare their data for analysis, and to run some preliminary analyses.

In the morning, students will learn about the different types of data, and how to write a coding frame/metadata. Students will also learn how to open the software, save work, and then close the software before moving on to look at how to import data already stored in an Excel spreadsheet, define variables and value labels in SPSS, and then enter data directly into SPSS.

In the afternoon students will learn why it is necessary to prepare their data for analysis and will become familiar with some of the more common functions they might need to use including the Recode and Compute commands which are used to make new variables, as well as Selecting, Counting, Sorting, and identifying outliers and skew. Students will also learn how to perform some basic SPSS analysis commands, such as descriptive statistics and cross-tabs (including Pearson Chi Square), and how to effectively use the syntax window.

Notes and handouts are provided which can be used as a practical guide to the use of these functions as well as references to additional reading and sources of support.

This session is particularly suitable for students with no knowledge or experience of SPSS, though other students may wish to attend to refresh their knowledge and skills.

** PLEASE NOTE - Topics covered relate directly to the functionality of the SPSS application and not the theory of the statistics involved.

SPSS: Intermediate - Comparing groups and SPSS: Intermediate - Exploring Relationships Among Variables are also available

Additional coaching opportunities are available via weekly data clinics.

More information on this subject may be available on the range of online learning resources such as Linkedin Learning

Dr Paula Foscarini-Craggs

08/04/2020 (Wednesday) / 09:30 - 17:00 / IT Room (DA 5.13), 5th Floor, Friary House
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