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R Package for Statistical Analysis: Intermediate
Domain: A1 Knowledge base

TACE: A - Acquisition

Format: IT
Suitable for: All

This session will build upon the material and techniques from the introductory workshop and cover topics such as data formatting, writing your own functions, coping with missing values, layered and lattice graphics, accessing data from the WWW, etc. We will also cover the use of higher order functions, such as apply(), and ways of writing R scripts more compactly and/or making them run faster. However, as we can access myriad packages through R, in order to best target the session to your needs, you will be invited to provide in advance a brief list of the sort of topics that you would like to see covered in the workshop.

R Package for Statistical Analysis: An Introduction is also available

Additional coaching opportunities are available via weekly data clinics.

More information on this subject may be available on the range of online learning resources such as Linkedin Learning

Dr Peter Morgan

26/02/2020 (Wednesday) / 12:50 - 16:00 / IT Room (DA 5.13), 5th Floor, Friary House
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