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Python: An Introduction to Programming
Domain: A1 Knowledge base

TACE: A - Acquisition

Format: IT
Suitable for: All

This workshop will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of programming using Python, a general purpose programming language designed with high readability in mind. It will cover the syntax, basic control structures and features of the language, and show how to develop simple programs.

On completion you will be able to:
* understand the fundamental elements of computer programming
* develop simple programs in the Python language

The workshop provides a basis for the subsequent workshop ‘Python Advanced’ which will demonstrate how Python can be used to aid research through examples from relevant fields.

NOTE: This workshop is designed for students with no prior programming experience or those who are not confident in programming.

Additional coaching opportunities are available via weekly data clinics.

More information on this subject may be available on the range of online learning resources such as Linkedin Learning

Mr Ross Burton

22/01/2020 (Wednesday) / 09:20 - 12:30 / IT Room (DA 5.13), 5th Floor, Friary House
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01/04/2020 (Wednesday) / 13:20 - 16:30 / IT Room (DA 5.13), 5th Floor, Friary House
available after 01/02/2020