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Writers' Retreat: Online
Domain: D2 Communication and dissemination

TACE: C - Completion

Format: Experiential
Suitable for: Middle/Late

Due to Covid-19 Writers' Retreat will run frequently online.

A common struggle for postgraduate researchers is finding the motivation and will to stay focused and get a substantial piece of writing done. What this half day online retreat provides is an opportunity for you to devote time to writing in a quiet, structured, and supportive environment.

The retreat will open with a short presentation on good writing practice and a brief discussion on your writing goals for the day. You will be encouraged to share your goals with your peers and engage during the interactive elements of this retreat. The majority of the time (approximately three hours) will be devoted to writing without distraction (i.e. no social media).

What you’ll need:
* Writing goal(s), whether that be to achieve a certain amount of words or to get a specific section written
* Any materials (books, data, laptop etc.) to help you write
* Snacks and refreshments

NB: this is not a workshop.

Please book to express your interest. Joining instructions will be sent the day before the Writers' Retreat.

We have also been given access to a frequent Virtual Writers Group

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