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Introductory Strengths Profile
Domain: B1 Personal qualities

Introductory Strengths Profile are FREE for April 2020.

It is known that awareness and use of personal strengths can build esteem and resilience. The Doctoral Academy’s “Strengthening Your Profile” Workshop explores the value of strengths in your personal and career development, including reflection on a personal Strengths self-assessment profile, from the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP).

During April 2020, CAPP have invited anyone to access the profiling tool used in this popular course by going to and entering StrengthenMeSP in the redeem box. The code will work for any individual person once. It doesn’t matter if you already have a Profile from a previous Doctoral Academy workshop. As this initiative is intended for individuals only, profile access will only be given to the user who will own the data. CAPP have also started a daily strengths tips that give advice during this challenging time and host other resources, including the Best SELF model.

If you take the profile and wish to reflect on your results, you can request a 30 minute virtual coaching session with a member of the Doctoral Academy team who is trained in the use of this profiling tool - email email You would need to share your profile with your coach to inform your coaching. If you are interested in coaching, see our upcoming Mentoring and Coaching course.

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