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Monitoring and Evaluating Engagement
Domain: D3 Engagement and impact

Monitoring and evaluating are both crucial aspects of the engagement process as they can help you get the most from your activity. In this interactive course, staff from the Engagement team will show you how to conduct both exercises effectively. In addition to receiving a brief overview of the differences between monitoring and evaluating, you will be introduced to the benefits of both and provided with case studies of where impact has been generated as a result. You will also learn about the different quantitative and qualitative techniques that can be used to monitor and evaluate impact and how to identify which techniques to use when faced by different audiences. To help you in this task, you will be provided with a suggested framework that can be used to tailor your monitoring and evaluation methods.
By attending this course, you will gain an insight into:
* why monitoring and evaluation is important in any engagement activity
* the differences in key terms for monitoring and evaluation
* identifying the appropriate monitoring and evaluation techniques for different types of engagement
* creating an evaluation framework for current or expected engagement activity