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Engagement Masterclass
Domain: D2 Communication and dissemination

This interactive workshop will explore engagement in detail. In particular, staff from the Engagement team will take a linear look at the practicalities of undertaking engagement activity, through each of the planning, delivery and evaluation stages. Throughout the day, practical skills such as defining and approaching an appropriate audience, designing activities, project planning, delivering engagement activity relevant to your research, and monitoring and evaluating will all be covered.
By completing this course, it is expected that you will:
* understand best practice in delivering engagement activity and know what opportunities currently exist at Cardiff University
* understand how to define and approach target audiences and manage expectations and relationships
* gain project planning skills and understand key considerations when delivering engagement activity
* gain an overview of various engagement techniques and identify the most appropriate technique for your research
* understand the importance of monitoring and evaluation
* identify the correct monitoring and evaluation methods
* understand how to effectively plan, monitor and evaluate from the beginning of the engagement activity