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Engagement at Cardiff: Briefing Session
Domain: D3 Engagement and impact

In recent years, engagement has become a crucial part of the higher education agenda, with providers placing great emphasis on the need to work and establish relationships with a range of partners in the local community and in other sectors. This session provides an introduction to the concept of engagement by considering why it has become so important and the benefits that it can bring. It also provides a snapshot of some easy routes into engagement for those individuals in Cardiff University wishing to take the next step, as well as the practicalities of delivering engagement to different audiences and evaluating its impact.
By attending this briefing, which is delivered by staff from the Engagement team, you will be able to:
* understand the current opportunities for engagement activity at Cardiff University
* gain a basic overview of different types of engagement
* gain a basic overview of defining audiences for engagement activity related to research
* gain a basic overview of engagement logistics and understand key points to consider when delivering activity
* understand the importance of monitoring and evaluation and how this can lead to impact