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Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation
Domain: D3 Engagement and impact

Format of Workshop: Information and Discussion/Practical
Suitable for: All

This workshop is an uncomplicated yet entertaining introduction to the ideas implicit in jargon like ‘knowledge exchange’, ‘technology commercialisation’, ‘employability’, and ‘research impact’. The workshop will be delivered using a mixture of lecture, video examples and problem-based learning activities (including the ‘technology stock market’ - a chance to become a notional technology millionaire). At the end of this session you will:
* understand the simple concept that helps you decide whether an invention, technology or know-how, is of interest to the outside world
* be aware of tools for doing market research and why it is generally done badly in technology driven projects
* know what techniques people use for getting new products and services (and also research projects!), to market on time and on budget
* know what to do next – business plan competitions and funding schemes