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Drawing in Research
Domain: A1 Knowledge base

This workshop will encourage you to consider whether and how you might use drawing or graphic techniques as part of a social science research methodology. The position of drawing as a mode of surveying, analysis, thinking or reflection and communication has a long and distinguished history, but is often neglected, as typically social scientists lack the skills to engage with the techniques. Does this lack of an ability to draw or represent ideas visually condition the way you think about things? Could working graphically encourage us to reconsider how we think about our interests through writing, photography, or use of audio and film evidence? We think that it could. This workshop will provoke you to redress this situation in relation to your own research, and encourage you to explore graphic ways of working. You will be encouraged to practise some techniques and reflect on the experience, as well as consider how and why you might develop and apply some graphic elements to your own research in the future. This workshop is aimed at ESRC-funded research students but others are welcome to attend, space permitting.