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Public Speaking for Researchers
Domain: D2 Communication and dissemination

TACE: A - Acquisition

Format: Workshop
Suitable for: Middle/Late stage

Public speaking accounts for 70% of an academic’s output. Clear, effective and professional communication skills are therefore absolutely essential to any aspiring academic and indeed any career that you hope to go into after your PhD. In an age where we all have the potential to be our own broadcasters, and when there is increasing pressure to disseminate our work to a broader audience, it has never been so important for academics to hone their public speaking skills.

This public speaking workshop is unique in that it fuses academic skills with acting training. Led by an academic and a qualified actor it allows students to discover the art of performance and speech writing, covering the following issues:

* how to write a speech: get your message across, keep your audience engaged and actually enjoy the experience
* how to control your performance: voice projection, posture, body language, controlling nerves
* different modes of communication: how to lead seminars, chair conferences and handle the Q&A
* techniques for presenting, how to deliver complex ideas and style of delivery
* tools of communication: how to use PowerPoint, and ‘thinking on your academic feet’