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Preparing and Presenting a Conference Paper (Humanities/Social Sciences)
Domain: D2 Communication and dissemination

TACE: A - Acquisition

Format: Workshop
Suitable for: All

This session will explore ways of successfully preparing and presenting a conference paper. It will focus on the form a conference paper should take; how to plan the paper (and abstract); how to make the content of your paper interesting and accessible while maintaining intellectual rigour; briefly on using visual aids with PowerPoint; and how to prepare for Q&A sessions. Be prepared during the session to explore how the ideas presented might apply to your own research.
At the end of the session you will have a range of:

* strategies for planning and structuring a conference paper
* strategies for presenting and discussing a paper with intellectual coherence and rigour, while maintaining audience interest
* tactics for using visual aids of different kinds to support the academic content of a conference paper

Note: This workshop does not cover in detail oral presentation skills, the use of PowerPoint or academic writing. Please see separate entries elsewhere in the brochure for workshops covering these areas.