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English for Research Writing (Non-native Speakers)
Domain: D2 Communication and dissemination

TACE: T - Transition

Format: Workshop
Suitable for: Early

This course, for non-native speakers of English, is open to students in all subject areas and aims to help you achieve a good academic style when writing up research. It is designed to help PhD students consider the end product of their research, the thesis, but may be useful for students at any stage in the research process. The workshops will give practice in writing accurately and clearly, and will demonstrate how to refer to source material, use appropriate evaluative language and find your own voice in English. Workshop content may vary depending on the needs of specific groups, but typically focuses on:
* structuring research writing
* improving clarity and flow of ideas
* writing literature reviews
* writing about methods
* commenting on data and findings
* writing introductions and conclusions

Note: This course runs for five weeks, with two hours tuition per week.

You should attend all five sessions.

Tuesday Series - 12 Feb to 12 Mar
Thursday Series - 14 Feb to 14 Mar
Friday Series - 15 Feb to 15 March
Tuesday Series - 14 May to 11 Jun
Thursday Series - 16 May to 13 Jun