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The ‘University of East Anglia (UEA) Online Training Series’ offers research and professional skills training for postgraduate research students (PGRs) in a ‘live-taught’ online format. Last year, nearly 3500 students attended the series, drawn from more than 30 UK universities and a very wide range of disciplinary backgrounds. Training sessions are delivered via a virtual classroom on Tuesday evenings between 7pm-9pm. The series is organised and administered by Dr Simon Watts, PGR Training Coordinator for the Faculty of Social Sciences at UEA, who also teaches the majority of sessions.

(Aug 18)

Presenter workshops
19/03/2019 (Tuesday) / Webinar: Finishing Your PhD - Preparing for Your Viva
26/03/2019 (Tuesday) / Webinar: Finishing Your PhD - On The Job: Securing a First Academic Post
02/04/2019 (Tuesday) / Webinar: Finishing your PhD - Preparing Impactful Research Proposals and Grant Applications
09/04/2019 (Tuesday) / Webinar: Teaching Skills - Preparing and Delivering Seminars
30/04/2019 (Tuesday) / Webinar: Teaching Skills - Preparing and Delivering Lectures
07/05/2019 (Tuesday) / Webinar: Teaching Skills - Assessment, Feedback and Module Design
14/05/2019 (Tuesday) / Webinar: Quantitative Research - A Basic Guide
21/05/2019 (Tuesday) / Webinar: Quantitative Research - Introduction to Scale Development
28/05/2019 (Tuesday) / Webinar: Quantitative Research - Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling