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Mr Nicholas Russell

Nicholas Russell is an IT Training & Education Officer. He works for University IT, tirelessly developing and delivering top quality IT training and education within the ITEducation sphere of activities. Nick has a talent for relating to different people on different ability levels.

Nick is a natural communicator who eschews the vernacular of IT Geekery, preferring instead to explain technical IT principles in plain English wherever possible. It has been noticed that Nick has a flair for IT Training and that his courses are always delivered with zest, energy and panache.

In his other life Nick is a Gentleman Musician about town. Duties comprise of leading and inspiring others in their musical goals, writing, teaching, performing in many capacities and on a wide range of music projects, from studio sessions, to restaurants, festivals to parties and everything in between.

He is well renowned for having the loudest laugh in the Julian Hodge building and for swishing around the University campus on a skateboard with an eccentric hairstyle.

(Updated Aug 17)

Presenter workshops
01/07/2019 (Monday) / Word: Working with Long Documents, Microsoft
02/07/2019 (Tuesday) / PowerPoint: Enhancing Your Presentation, Microsoft
05/07/2019 (Friday) / Excel: Using Graphs and Charts to Present Your Data, Microsoft