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Dr David Wilkinson

David is an Ex- police officer who learned the hard way how to become more confident when things are tough. He started out as a nervous youth lacking in confidence to become Director of Studies at the UK National Police Training Unit, responsible for training police trainers for the Home Office. He then went on to become a senior lecturer at Oxford Brookes University to teach lecturers in the UK how to lecture and present more confidently and how to reduce their nerves.

So successful was he that within a very short time he became Head of Professional Development at Cranfield University where he researched and taught leaders how to develop greater emotional resilience especially in difficult situations of uncertainty and risk.

He is the author of 'The Ambiguity Advantage' published by Palgrave Macmillan and coaches leaders around the world how to deal with difficult and ambiguous situations, how to deal with their fears, nerves and worries and become more composed and make better decisions.

David now works with a wide range of people from all walks of life. He coaches leaders in the city, runs workshop for companies like Royal Mail and the services like the police, the RAF and the NHS. He also runs workshops in many universities including Oxford University, Oxford Brookes, York, Essex, Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores, Reading and many more.

His empathy, compassion, knowledge and lovely sense of humour has won him many friends and plaudits from clients from around the world. He now travels widely helping people become more confident, better composed in times of difficulty, make better decisions, and be less nervous.

His work on emotional resilience and how to deal with difficulties and uncertainty has become widely recognised.

(Updated Aug 09)

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