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Professor Helen Sampson

Helen Sampson joined the Seafarers International Research Centre in 1999. She became Director of the Centre in 2003.

At SIRC Helen’s research interests have developed in relation to multinational crewing, training, women seafarers, the impact of changing technology on seafarers’ work, issues of regulation, family life, globalisation, and seafarer health and safety.

Alongside this work Helen has maintained an interest in research methods and has published articles on researcher risk and the use of pilots in qualitative research. In 2006 she was asked to chair a sub-group of an ESRC-funded Inquiry into researcher risk being undertaken by the Cardiff node for the National Centre for Research Methods - Qualiti. The sub group focussed upon gender and risk.

Recent publications include:

Bloor, M., Fincham, B., Samspon, H. (2007) Qualiti (NCRM) Commissioned Inquiry into the risk to well-being of researchers in qualitative Research Caridiff: Qualiti


Sampson, H., Thomas, M. (2003) ‘Lone Researchers at Sea: gender, risk and responsibility’ Qualitative Research, 3(2): 165-189.

Sampson, H. (2004) ‘Navigating the waves: the usefulness of a pilot in qualitative research’ Qualitative Research, 4(3): 383-402.

Sampson, H. and Bloor, M. (2007) “When Jack gets out the box: the problems of regulating a global industry” Sociology, 41(3): 551-569.

Sampson, H., Schroeder, T. (2006) ‘In the Wake of the Wave: globalization, networks, and the experiences of transmigrant seafarers in Northern Germany’, Global Networks, 6(1): 61-80.

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