Doctoral Academy Programme Bookings

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Who is eligible to attend the workshop?

The Doctoral Academy programme is for enrolled postgraduate research students at Cardiff University. 'Postgraduate research students' includes: MPhil, MRes, PhD, MD, MCh, EdD, DClinPsych, DEdPsych, DSW, DHS, DNurs and DEng. Students enrolled on a Masters degree as part of a formal '1+3' research degree at Cardiff University are also eligible to attend. The Doctoral Academy Programme is NOT open to students on other taught Masters courses such as MBA, MA or MSc although there may be some events in the year to which Masters students are invited.

How do I decide what to attend?

The University's Code of Practice states that each research student should carry out an annual assessment of their training and development needs and discuss this with their supervisor who can provide feedback on the identified needs and advice on the timing of training. Some Schools recommend that this take place at each six-monthly monitoring point. The Researcher Development Framework can serve as a tool for identifying what skills should be developed. Cardiff University has a license for the Researcher Development Online Planner which can assist you with needs assessment and with recording your activity.

What if I need training in something that is not offered?

The Doctoral Academy offers professional skills and broad discipline training, while subject-specific training should be offered by your School so please check with your School's Director of Postgraduate Research Studies if you need subject specific training. If the topic is broader, please email us at Normally, new offerings are considered each April for inclusion in the following year's programme.

Are the workshops compulsory?

The University expects all research students to attend relevant training and development activity as identified in their personal needs assessment. The Code of Practice recommends 10 days per annum but does not make any workshop compulsory. Some Schools identify workshops as compulsory; if so, they also operate a system by which you can request exemption from compulsory workshops if you can demonstrate competence. If you have any questions about your School's requirements, you should ask your supervisor and/or Director of Postgraduate Research Studies.

When should I attend the workshops?

Some workshops will be particularly useful to you in the early stages, such as 'Practical Project Management' and 'Using Endnote', whilst others are aimed at those nearing completion, for example 'Getting Grant Funding' or career management skills. We have included a key to each workshop in the brochure which indicates at which stage of your research we feel it would be most beneficial for you to attend that workshop.

Where are the workshops held?

We hold workshops in various locations on the Cathays and Heath Park campuses, although many are held in the Hadyn Ellis Building, Maindy Road. You will be informed of the location when your booking is confirmed, so please read the confirmation carefully and allow time to reach the venue.

Expectations of Professional Behaviour

You are expected to identify workshops which are most appropriate for your training needs and to manage your diary in a professional manner. In making a booking you are committing:

  • to attend the workshop or course for its full duration
  • to arrive on time for the workshop
  • to participate in activities taking place as part of the workshop
  • to undertake any pre-requisite activities as requested
Students who arrive late for a workshop can disrupt the session for others and may be refused entry by the presenter.

Do I have to pay?

The costs of workshops and courses offered as part of the Doctoral Academy, as with other University services, are covered by your tuition fees.

Are any of the subjects covered available on-line?

A number of online modules and videos are provided to allow you to study at a time and place to suit you (e.g. if you are part-time and unable to attend a workshop) however they may not cover material in as much depth and don't give you the opportunity to discuss the topic with other people in a workshop context. You will need to log in with your usual Cardiff University username and Password

Where do I get a copy of the Doctoral Academy Programme?

A copy of the Doctoral Academy Programme Brochure is sent out to all schools for each new and continuing researchers so please check with your School Office. If they are unable to provide a copy, please email us at You can also download the brochure.

I am a first time user, what do I do?

Enter your Cardiff University user name and password at the appropriate prompts, then check in 'My profile' that all your details are correct, especially your email address, and if anything is missing or incorrect, email us at and we will update it. Choose your workshop and request a place (see 'How do I book a place?' for further details).

I am having problems logging in

Please note that if you are not eligible for the Doctoral Academy workshops (see above), you cannot use the booking system even if you have a Cardiff username and password. If you are a doctoral researcher at Cardiff, first check that you are using your Cardiff University username, which you use to log into the network more generally. If you are still having problems, there are two common issues:

  1. Although you have already logged in, when you 'request a workshop' you are asked again for your username and password. This normally happens if you are or were previously a member of Cardiff University staff. If you have dual status as student and staff, please contact Information Services and ask them to merge the two usernames. You may also get this problem if you are no longer enrolled as a research student, in which case you are normally not eligible to book via the Doctoral Academy but may be able to book for the topic via staff development (CORE Portal).
  2. The system acknowledges your username and password but says you are 'not listed' in the system. This normally happens if you are not an eligible user. If you are eligible (a doctoral student), it may be because your data wasn't picked up in our last upload. Just email and tell us your full name, your student ID number and your school. We will investigate and get back to you within three working days. If you need to book urgently, please ring us on 029 2068 8482 between 9.00 and 4.30 pm and we should be able to assist you.

When do workshops open for booking?

Bookings open on 1 September for workshops in the three month period up to the end of November. On the first of each month, bookings will open for the subsequent three month rolling period so that on 1 October bookings can be made to the end of December, on 1 November bookings can be made to the end of January, and so on.

If you are a clinical, part-time or distance researcher who needs to make special arrangements to attend a workshop more than three months in advance, please contact us at or phone us on 029 2068 8482 to discuss your needs.

How do I book a place?

You must book in advance for all workshops, as there are a limited number of places for each session.

The system allows you to browse the workshops by date or by key word without logging in. In order to request a place on a workshop, you must log in using your Cardiff username and password. Bookings are processed between 08.30 and 17.00 Monday to Friday in order of receipt.

You will be sent confirmation of your place by email, usually within three working days. The confirmation will include details of any advance work required, venue and timings. Please check these emails carefully, as occasionally there are changes to venue or timings from those advertised in the brochure.

If you have not received a confirmation after three working days, then log in and check 'My Details' to ensure your email address is correct. If it is, then please contact us.

I haven't received confirmation of a place on a workshop, what should I do?

If you have not received an email within three working days of your request, then check your profile to see if your email address is entered correctly. You can also check 'My Sessions' to see if the workshop appears as 'awaiting a response', 'booked and confirmed' or 'wait list sessions'. If there is no record of the workshop, then please contact us so we can investigate.

How do I see what workshops I am booked on to?

Login to the system and select 'My Sessions' from the left menu. This will give you a choice of links: 'booked sessions', 'attended sessions', 'cancelled sessions' and 'wait list' sessions. Click on 'booked sessions' to see all those sessions on which you have a confirmed place.

What if the workshop I want is fully booked?

You will be put on a waiting list and sent an email telling you this. We will notify you if a place becomes available and you must reply to this offer to secure the place. For workshops which are very popular, we usually offer repeat sessions so check for dates later in the year which often have places available. Also check the website regularly for updates to the programme.

I am on the waiting list and want to book onto an alternative data?

The booking system will only allow you to be booked onto a future session once. If you would like to book onto a different date, then you must first cancel your place and then book onto the new date (see How Do I Cancel below).

What do I do if I am unable to attend?

If you find you are unable to attend, you must cancel as soon as possible as this will enable us to offer your place to other researchers on the waiting list or to cancel a workshop which is no longer viable.

You should cancel via the booking system if possible (see below). The booking system closes this option at midnight two full days before the workshop. As an example, if the workshop is on Friday, you can cancel online until 23:59 on Tuesday night. If a situation arises closer to the date which prevents your attendance, then you must email us at (preferred) or telephone us on 029 2068 8482.

How do I cancel a workshop?

Login to the booking system and select 'My sessions' on the left hand menu. Click onto the 'Currently Booked Sessions' icon, then click on 'Cancel Registration'.

If the cancel booking option does not appear, then you should email us at or if on the day, phone us on 029 2068 8482. As noted above, a late cancellation without a valid reason is considered a 'no show'.

Why am I listed as No Show?

We use the sign-in sheets which are available at every workshop to process attendance. Any blank lines are processed as no shows, as we have no other way of knowing if you were present or not. If we notify you that you were processed as a 'no show' when you actually attended, please get in touch and we will look into this for you. Note that we also consider late cancellations without a valid reason as a 'no show' under our policy.

How does the deposit scheme work?

Our policy is that students who 'no show' for two workshops will be required to confirm future bookings with a £30 deposit, which will be refunded upon attendance at all booked workshops in the 12 months following receipt of the deposit, or on graduation, whichever comes sooner. If you fail to attend again without prior notification, the deposit will be forfeited and a further deposit will be required to confirm future places. If you do not pay the deposit you will not be able to attend any workshops for 12 months from the date of the last missed workshop.

You can pay your deposit in cash or by cheque payable to Cardiff University in the Doctoral Academy Office, Hadyn Ellis Building Ground Floor, between 09:00 and 16:30. Deposits will be returned in the form of a cheque payable to you.

Does the Doctoral Academy cancel workshops?

We only cancel workshops if the booking numbers do not reach the minimum required or if the presenter is unexpectedly unavailable. We will inform you by email as soon as we can if a session is to be cancelled and will contact you by telephone if it is less than a day's notice. During periods of potential inclement weather, we will contact you in advance to let you know how we will tell you if the workshop must be cancelled. We will make every effort to rearrange the session as soon as possible and notify you so you can book for the re-arranged date.

How do I keep track of what I have attended?

Login to the system and then go to 'My sessions' on the left margin. You can view and print a transcript of all workshops you attended during the year, which will be useful for your progress monitoring reports or for development of your C.V.

Why are workshops missing from my transcript?

We must transfer information from the workshop sign in list to our booking system. We aim to do this within seven days of the workshop date. Workshops that are split into multi parts over several days or weeks will be processed when the full series of sessions has been completed. If the session does not appear, please contact us, ideally by email, to < ahref=""> and we will investigate.

Workshops that are split into multi parts over several days or weeks will be processed when the series of sessions has been completed.

I need proof of the workshops I have attended

You can print out a transcript of your attendance - just login and go 'My Sessions'. We do not hold any official university stamps, but there may be one held within your School. If it is the case we are more than happy for it to be used on your transcript without permission needed from us.

Why is the on-line course I completed not on my transcript?

On-line modules will not be shown on your transcript as we have no way of verifying your completion of them.

I have accessibility or special requirements – who should I inform?

Notice given to your supervisor or School is not communicated to the Doctoral Academy, so please contact us direct at or on 029 2068 8482 about any specific requirements. Most of our training rooms are accessible to those with mobility impairments and where they are not we will make every effort to relocate a workshop given sufficient notice. We will similarly endeavour to accommodate all other special requirements if you inform us in advance.

Who can I contact with questions?

Queries should be directed to or telephone us on 029 2068 8482. We aim to answer all emails within three working days. If you would like to make a query in person, you can call in to our offices on the ground floor of the Hadyn Ellis Building, Maindy Road, from 08:30 – 17:00.