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This Doctoral Academy Programme web booking system is no longer in use. We are in the process of moving to new booking system, which is not live yet. All postgraduate researcher (PGRs) will receive an email notification once the new system is ready to take bookings.  

In the meantime, if you would like to book onto our Starting Out induction for new PGRs or to one of our re-orientation webinar(s) for returning PGRs, please use the link below to make a booking: 

Starting Out webinar(s) for new PGRs

Starting Out: Induction Event for New Research Students – Tuesday, 13 or 20 October 

Reorientation webinar(s) for returning PGRs 

Pushing Through - Year 2 – Tuesday, 6 October

Finishing Up, Looking Ahead - Year 3 – Thursday, 8 October

University of East Anglia Webinars

More information is available on the UEA website  

Please Note: If you have previously used our booking system, your attendance record will be moved to the new system over the next few months.

Events beginning Sunday, 25th Oct 2020 00:00am
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